Welcome to the HSRL!

Things you need to know:

1. You must be able to operate AIM and the "brutopia" anti-cheat version of Nestopia 1.39 that is available in the download section of tecmobowl.org. You must complete the amount of games required by deadlines, and failure to do so can and will result in consequences outlined in the HSRL Deadlines and Consequences thread. Your internet connection must be fast enough to keep Nestopia at 60 FPS.

2. Check the gameplay rules here.

3. 26 teams in the league, 2 conferences, 6 divisions with 4-5 teams each. Playoff format will follow that of the NFL season that corresponds to our current season. We will adhere to the NFL's Tie-breaking Procedures. In the event that some games are unplayed, and this affects the playoff race the commissioner will weigh various factors (such as effort to play the games) to determine who will advance to the postseason. There is a one-week deadline to get in each playoff game. If neither owner is making an effort, both are out of the playoffs. Replacement owners must play at least 8 games with their team before they are eligible for the playoffs.

4. Players age and retire based on formula. For a detailed breakdown of how that all works in this league check here.

5. Players have a chance to offset the aging process through their performance and also stand to gain in attributes by putting up great stats. The players are tiered such that players compete only against other players of their talent level attribute-wise. The higher the player finishes, the better chance they have to gain attributes. For a detailed breakdown of this process check here.

6. Draft:
  • Each season we will conduct a multi-round, timed, snake draft the players for which will be pulled from WTF:Retro rookie classes.
  • The number of rounds may vary from season to season (14-30) depending on the format of drafting, e.g., individual players or tandems.
  • Draft order will be a lottery system, broken into tiers based on the owner's prior record and reputation.
  • The time posted by your name is when you may make your pick. The following time posted by the next person picking is your deadline. As long as ALL the people before you have picked, you may pick before your posted time.
  • If you know you are going to not be able to post when your pick is due, the only guaranteed way to get the pick that you want is to post a list on the pinned thread atop the draft forum. If you would like to take your chances, you may also have someone else post for you or send someone a PM letting them know who you want.
  • If you miss your pick, either the Commish or Draft Mods will make an auto-pick for you at a time they feel is appropriate. If you missed your pick and were not proactive in filling your team, don't female dog about your outcome. This upsets the commissioner.
  • Once you've posted, you may not retract your pick, unless no one has picked behind you.
  • For near simultaneous posts from someone whose pick is up and from someone who is behind in the draft, post order will determine who gets what.
  • See the draft forum for more details and rules about drafting.
  • Following the draft, OL may be aligned in any way after the draft. DL may be aligned in any way as well. LBs can play any LB position. DBs can play any DB position. RB, WR and TE are interchangeable but only RBs can receive direct hand offs (not counting reverses).
  • Don't female dog about the draft please. You're responsible for your picks, your times, and your lists. HSRL is not liable for phones that don't open Google Docs.

7. Trades are not allowed.

8. We use HSRLphile (an adaptation of the classic Tecmophile) to keep track of statistics and upload save state files from online play. You will need a login/password to join the league. An admin can give you the password to join the league.

9. HSRLphile allows for offensive players to get injured during a game. Injured players will return in average health the following week.

10. The league Commissioner is luckytool (AIM)/toolie (forum). Brookstonfowler is the HSRLphile manager and can address any issue regarding the HSRLphile website you may have including ideas for improvements.

Thank you,

-The HSRL community