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Season 1974 Rookie Draft Class

Roger Staubach19567550
Fran Tarkenton19446938
Ken Anderson19506350
Bert Jones13565650
Archie Manning13565650
Brian Sipe13635663
Ron Jaworski13635650
Terry Bradshaw25565650
Bob Griese19505650
Dan Fouts13635650
Greg Landry38505050
Jim Hart6445050
Mike Livingston13445050
Jack Concannon6385044
Danny White13505050
Joe Theismann13445050
James Harris13505050
Jim Fassel13445044
Ken Stabler6754450
Joe Ferguson13634450
Dan Darragh19444450
Steve Ramsey13444450
Lynn Dickey13444450
Gary Huff13444450
Don Strock13634444
Bobby Douglass38383850